Library Books Enjoyed, 5/15/13

Diego Saves the Sloth!Diego Saves the Sloth! by Alexis Romay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I’m not a huge fan of either Dora or Diego, but my kids love them, so we check them out pretty regularly. I like Diego better than Dora because you do actually learn a few animal facts along the way. In this episode, Diego has to save a sleeping sloth from getting knocked off his tree by a windstorm. It feels shorter than some of the other Diego and/or Dora books, so that’s part of why I liked it!

Carl's Summer VacationCarl’s Summer Vacation by Alexandra Day

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve always had reservations about Carl–my innate unease about really big dogs meant I’ve always felt a little nervous about leaving the baby with a Rottweiler. However, Carl has always proven trustworthy (about the baby’s safety, at any rate!) and now my kids have discovered and fallen in love with him.

This is a newer Carl adventure, and the baby has grown up to be a preschooler named Madeleine. Aside from the joy of skipping out on naptime to play with the dog, I think part of the appeal of this particular book is that Carl and Madeleine do many of the things we did last summer–go out in a canoe, pick berries, play on a playground and at a lake, and stay at a cabin. I personally feel like the pictures are brighter and more interesting than some of the older Carl books.

BluebirdBluebird by Bob Staake

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet, but sad, wordless book about a boy and a bluebird that befriends him. I liked it, but the kids loved it and requested it multiple times this week–I don’t think the sad part got to them as much as it got to me.

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