Small Things

Backyard gifts


Just a quick post, as life does not include a lot of blogging time this week. (I’m skipping this week’s customary library book post.)

I love roses; it’s inherited from my mother, but also a result of always having roses around when I was growing up. My mom’s love of roses led her to grow roses herself, so I always remember having rosebushes in our garden.

I, however, do not like to garden–we have had some form of herb or vegetable garden for about the last 6 years, but it’s always my husband who initiates and does 99% of the work for it. So one of the best things about our current house is that it came with a rosebush right outside our dining room window. The bush was not in great shape when we arrived, but my husband cut it back a whole lot and it started producing beautiful white roses. I have mostly taken over caring for the rosebush–which basically means calling my mother when things go wrong (it got black spot last year) and dead-heading old blooms. I apparently have just enough gardening impetus to take very basic care of one rosebush.  The rosebush amply repays my haphazard care, and has already started blooming this year.

First blooms of the season.

Already in full bloom. I need to get some up-close pictures of the blossoms–maybe on the next round.