Small Things

Where I’ve Been


You go away for the weekend, and the whole house falls apart. Ok, it wasn’t very together to begin with, but any chance of blogging was on hold from last Thursday on, and I’m just now coming back to it.

Here’s where we went:

My favorite place in the world.

It’s hard to see, but that’s the waterfall back there.

I am lucky enough to have an aunt and uncle who own a beautiful piece of land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Sparta, NC, only 3 hours from Durham. I grew up going here in the summer, usually around the 4th of July, and now my kids are lucky enough to get to visit 2-4 times a year. It is a kid and dog paradise (and partly a paradise for my kids because there are dogs, which we don’t have at home). There is a creek in which to play (not this time, it was only in the 60’s and my kids are not at the “stand back and watch” stage for playing in water yet), lots of room to run around, several pretty paths for taking walks, and (also not this time) berries and vegetables to pick. On this trip, my daughters spent a good deal of time excavating gravel from the driveway (and then getting in trouble for dumping it in the garden), and we got to visit with some cousins who have an adorable 11 month old girl. We ate hamburgers and hot dogs, played with the dogs, and took several long walks. A good time was had by all.

Back at home, the kids have been busy:

House built by my son.

Cinderella’s castle, by my older daughter. Apparently, Cinderella is standing on the front porch, but I couldn’t see her, either. She’s not either of the two cylinders in front, or the higher rectangular block just behind–we asked.

And one last note. We have a visitor, who likes to hang out near our rosebush:

Much too brave baby rabbit.

He’s been in our yard for the past two weeks or so. He’s very cute, and very bold–I got pretty close when taking pictures, and we’ve had him sit only feet from us while we were standing (with children) on the back porch. I am somewhat worried that he’s going to get eaten, since he doesn’t run from much, but we’ll enjoy him in the meantime (especially since we haven’t planted a vegetable garden this year!).

So, I’m back for now.