Small Things

One Dishcloth: Check


So, I thought I’d be using this space to occasionally blog about knitting, which is my current craft of choice. However, I’m such a slow knitter, that I haven’t had anything really worth sharing. I’ve been working on a prayer shawl for church that is taking forever. I got some neat alpaca yarn to make into a shawl, but haven’t got past a first swatch on that. I’m also still swatching to get gauge on a Christmas stocking project, and that got stalled when I needed needles a size smaller than I had, and needed to wait for an auspicious day to take all 3 kids to the yarn shop. Plus, I have a quilt for my sister that’s 6 years overdue (I had her college friends each make a block when she graduated and was going to put them all together) that I really need to finish piecing.

Naturally, the solution to all this was to do something completely different.

So here’s a dishcloth:

Pretty pink dishcloth.

I made it last week, and it only took me 4 days. At least I accomplished something!