Small Things

New Orleans


About three weeks ago, my husband and I took advantage of the kindness of grandparents and left our children for three days while we took a just-us vacation. We went to New Orleans–chosen partly because we both love France, and New Orleans was the closest we can afford to get to France right now!

We had a great time. Our itinerary included eating lots of good food, walking around a lot, drinking gallons of water (it was HOT, even without sweaty children to tote), and listening to some jazz. Since we didn’t need to worry about babysitters while there, we also took advantage of the opportunity to (finally–we were afraid it would already be out of theaters) see the new Star Trek movie (very enjoyable, assuming you like Star Trek).

Here are a few pictures and highlights of the trip:

Cathedral of St. Louis

Jazz band playing just outside the cathedral.

It was a really fun time, and just the right length for our first trip-without-kids (we went from a Wednesday afternoon through a Saturday evening, and by Saturday, we were both ready to get back to the kids). We don’t have any plans to return to New Orleans soon, but we had a lovely introduction to the Crescent City. Who knows, maybe when our kids are grown, we’ll head back that way again.