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Guacamole Soup and the Wonders of Buttermilk


Last week, I dug out a recipe that we hadn’t made for years: Cold Avocado Soup, from our (1997) edition of The Joy of Cooking. My husband made it as a first course for a fancy dinner once, and I remember eating it, but not loving it (I still tend to approach cold soups with some suspicion–something just seems wrong about them). However, I was looking for something easy and cold, plus we’d been using up a lot of meat lately, and I wanted something with less or no meat.

Plus, all three kids love guacamole.

Here’s an overview of the recipe, the simplicity of which I’d forgotten:

Scoop out the insides of 2 avocados. Process in a food processor (or a blender would probably work, assuming the avocados are ripe) with 1-2 cloves garlic until smooth. Remove to a bowl and stir in 2 cups of buttermilk and a little bit of lime juice, plus some salt and pepper to taste. Chill.

That’s it.

I had forgotten how easy this was, but I was thrilled to rediscover it. We served it with tortilla chips (for everyone) and salsa (for the grown-ups), plus some CSA heirloom cherry tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on the side, rechristened as “Guacamole Soup.”

It was a huge success. Everyone ate at least 2 bites (this is already a big success given our current dining crew), and the two older kids ate two servings each. We had no leftovers.

I then had a good deal of buttermilk left, so we proceeded to do the following things with it:

We still have a little left, so I may put it in some biscuits or get my husband to make pancakes.

It was an all-around happy rediscovery, both of the recipe and the usefulness of buttermilk.

*Update: I was playing around online this evening and happened across this article:

Apparently, I’m not the only one with buttermilk on the brain.