Finished Stocking!!


Behold and rejoice: I have finished a stocking! I thought that once I turned the heel, the rest would go pretty quickly, but it actually took me longer to connect the heel stitches back to the instep stitches, and I forgot that there’s still quite a bit of foot after a heel to be knit. I have not blocked it yet (washed it and let it dry to get it in just the right shape), and while I don’t think you have to with an item that’s not going to be worn, it might make it look a little nicer. Plus, it will give me practice for whenever I finish the shawl I started in class.  Nevertheless, even if I never get around to blocking it, if we hang it by the chimney on Christmas Eve, Santa will fill it with treats!

Hopefully in another 2 Christmases, the other two children’s stockings will also be complete. Don’t worry, we have stockings to hang for them–just not hand knit, personalized ones yet. I am quite happy, though, just to have gotten one finished for now.


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