Library Books Enjoyed, 10/3/13

The Three Little Pigs Book & CDThe Three Little Pigs Book & CD by Paul Galdone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I vaguely remember Paul Galdone’s name from being a kid, but I didn’t remember, when I picked up this retelling by him, how very no-nonsense his retellings are! Two pigs don’t survive in this version, and neither does the wolf (and my 5 year old’s question was “Did the third pig eat the other two pigs, since they were in the wolf and he ate the wolf?”). Still, the pictures were nicely done, it was a good basic retelling of the folktale, and the kids seemed to enjoy it. Here’s to folktale retellers!

Francis Woke Up EarlyFrancis Woke Up Early by Josephine Nobisso

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

An imagined story of Francis of Assisi as a boy, which follows his morning adventure of taking care of the family’s animals while a hungry wolf lingers nearby. It was an enjoyable story, and the pictures were beautiful, but it just seemed to be missing something. Part of my problem was that I thought more would happen after Francis befriended the wolf–one bit of dialog seemed to indicate he would find her more to eat, but he didn’t. That aside, my kids enjoyed reading this several times, especially looking for the wolf’s shadow in the pictures.

The Favorite DaughterThe Favorite Daughter by Allen Say

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Allen Say’s picture books…I’ve loved Grandfather’s Journey since I was a kid, I recently enjoyed Drawing from Memory, and I also remember enjoying Tea With Milk and Alison.

The Favorite Daughter is, like Grandfather’s Journey autobiographical, but it focuses on Say’s daughter Yuriko. We don’t meet her mother, but we can tell that Yuriko feels caught between two worlds, and she comes to a point where she doesn’t want her Japanese name any more. The story follows how she comes to re-appreciate the Japanese side of her heritage, and also grow closer to her father.

I think I liked this more than my kids did…it’s probably a little old for their listening skills right now…but I really did enjoy it, and especially the use of both paintings and photographs for the illustrations.

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