Writing Christmas cards

Well, I’m not right now, because there is a certain Christmas card assembly line that isn’t so good to set up while the kids are up and about. But the point is that I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been doing Christmas-y things, and next week, I may not be blogging for the same reason, and then we go out of town and my computer access will probably be spotty. I hope to at least get a few book posts drafted before we go. In the meantime, here is our Christmas tree, along with all the low-hanging ornaments the kids helped put up, then almost immediately started taking down.

Tree in its glory.

Tree in its glory.

Low hanging ornaments.

Low hanging ornaments.

Hope everyone else’s December is going well, too.



2 thoughts on “Writing Christmas cards

  1. You know, I keep finding ornaments on the floor under the tree too! I don’t see the kids play with them, but somehow different ones keep ending up on the floor and I pick them up and hang them higher. Hmmmm. Hope all your Christmas-y things are going well! When are you back in town?

    • It’s funny how that happens, Becky! We also have a cat who especially likes piney fresh tree water. We’ll be around after the 2nd–sorry we didn’t manage a pre-Christmas playtime, but hopefully a post-Christmas one will do.

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