Why I Reread on YALSA’s The Hub

I don’t usually remember to share here when I have a Hub post published, but I did today:




2 thoughts on “Why I Reread on YALSA’s The Hub

  1. So I read your article and found it fun that someone else I know has read Sunshine. I love finding out other people who have read/about to read a abscure book that I have. I really wasn’t a fan of the book myself and won’t be on my reread list. Actually I rarely reread books. I keep a couple on the off chance I get a burning desire to, but for the most part I’ve got some new book I’m waiting to read.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sarah! It is fun to find books in common. I think I’m actually in the minority as someone who rereads as much as I do, and it’s probably why I don’t get more new books read!

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