About the blog:

Just a small, personal blog, where I will probably talk about books, being a stay at home mom, projects I have going on, and random thoughts. Here are my current blogging rules for myself:

  1. At least one post a week. Hahaha. I did aspire to this at one point, but it’s been a long time. Let’s say, don’t give up on blogging completely is the new goal.
  2. My kids will be mentioned, but not the subject of the blog, and they will not be mentioned by name or featured in photos.
  3. Fairly short posts (500 words or less?)–I don’t have a lot of time to do my own reading (either of other blogs, or real books), so I don’t want to write something that I couldn’t read in 10-15 minutes.

About me:

I’m a recently-returned-to-work mom in Maryland. I have three kids. I work as a school library media specialist (and I am loving this new gig), but I have also worked as an online reference librarian, an academic reference librarian, a public library assistant, and a teacher. I am a Christian and a pastor’s wife, and my faith is very important to me. I like to read, knit, watch movies, talk to friends or keep up via e-mails and notes, laze around, and occasionally bake. I do not like to clean, but I like to live in a clean house, so I try to do it anyway. I like to write but don’t motivate myself to do it as often as is my ideal.


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