Zucchini and Summer Squash

I like zucchini and summer squash, but I can’t say I love either one (at least not in their purest forms), and we have gotten a LOT of them this year. My basic plan for using them is:

  1. Make zucchini bread. Possibly a double batch, and you can use shredded summer squash just the same as shredded zucchini. (I use these two vegetables basically interchangeably no matter what.)
  2. Have at least one meat and potatoes dinner where zucchini or summer squash is the vegetable. The default way I cook it is sauteing with onions and butter–I really like it best when it has cooked so long (at a low temperature) that there is probably no nutritional value left, but nobody else in my family seems to especially like it at all, so I cook it my way. I tried grilling it this summer, but it just didn’t seem quite done enough for me.
  3. Hide extras in such dishes as ratatouille, chili (they make a good substitute for meat if you want to make a vegetarian chili, at least in terms of bulk), soups, stews.

This plan generally makes use of all the squash I have laying around, but this year it wasn’t enough. I don’t know if I didn’t make enough stews or what, but we had a LOT of extra summer squash lying around, and I wasn’t ready to make more zucchini bread yet.

This led to my most recent food discovery, which is zucchini or summer squash parmesan. It’s exactly like eggplant parmesan, only substitute squash. Now, I used my one “real Italian” cookbook to make this (that’s where I found the recipe), so it was a somewhat involved process including homemade sauce (hey, we had a lot of tomatoes, too) and sliced vs. shredded cheese, but I think this was a recipe that can easily adapt. So if you have a good eggplant parmesan (or chicken parmesan, for that matter) recipe that you like feel free to sub in zucchini or summer squash as the main event. The one point I wouldn’t have thought of is to slice the squash long-ways, instead of in rounds–this will also make the overall process faster, since you can fry the bigger pieces.

This extra option for squash-usage has successfully rid me of all the squash that were hiding in my crisper drawer.

Now if I can just figure out how to use up all the cucumbers.